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E-Nature music has been used for many different purposes. Check out an incomplete list here:

Global Ride

DVD:Virtual Cycling: Hawaii

E-Nature music is also used for television by various TV-stations!


Show:Oprah Winfrey Show
Episode with John Travolta
Air Date:10/27/2008
Song:Second Attack


Show:Really Rich Real Estate
Air Date:11/13/2006
Song:I Wish


Show:All Access: Embarassing Moments 2005
Air Date:1/9/2006
Song:Second Attack

Discovery Times

Show:Yearbook Episode 1988
Air Date:6/4/2006
Song:The Gate

The History Channel

Show:Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle
Air Date:12/8/2005
Song:I Wish
Buy DVD:Buy the DVD
Show:How Bruce Lee Changed The World
Air Date:5/17/2009
Song:Shades Of Light
Buy DVD:Buy the DVD


Show:The Secret Life Of Vampires
Air Date:10/28/2005
Songs:- The Gate
- Second Attack

Woman's Entertainment

Show:3 Men And A Chick Flick
Episode:"Always Say Goodbye"
Air Date:5/22/2005
Song:With Love

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