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28th April 2012: Going back to the studio
It's been a very long time since I've made some new tracks. Due to language studies abroad it was not possible for me to dedicate much time producing songs. Hopefully this will change soon once I'm back in my country! Looking forward to!

11th April 2011: Awakening (dreaMagic Remix)
After a long delay dreaMagic's remix of Awakening finally arrived on my website. The track is cool and trendy. ;)
Check it out!

Listen to: "E-Nature feat. Maurice Merlo - Awakening (DreaMagic Remix)"

1st December 2010: "5-HTP" to get a new cover
Since I changed the publisher of my "5-HTP" album I decided to make a new cover! It's actually from a photo I have taken in Tokyo. Hope you guys like the new cover!

27th September 2010: USA only: "Hard Man Theme" now available at iTunes and other download stores
With an official licence my cover song of Mega Man 3's "Hard Man Theme" finally is available at different download stores such as iTunes, Napster, Zune and many others! Unfortunately the license is only valid in the USA so I can sell this track only on this territory for the moment.

Listen to: "E-Nature - Hard Man Theme (Club Trance Mix)"

9th September 2010: Cover song: Mega Man 3 Theme
I made this great cover song of an even greater video game soundtrack of "Mega Man 3" which originally was released by Capcom on the NES video game console in 1990! The melody is very epic and perfectly suited for the trance genre.
The song will be released in the USA on iTunes and other download stores in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

Listen to: "E-Nature - Mega Man 3 Theme (Club Trance Mix)"

30th July 2010: E-Nature - Robots
This is my latest track called "Robots". The instrumental version is finished but there might come a version with some vocals of Maurice Merlo. He's currently thinking of some lyrics. We will see if it's going to happen! In the meantime enjoy the instrumental version.

Listen to: "E-Nature - Robots"

14th July 2010: Promotional video of "Trance Emotions Vol. 3"
First promo video of the compilation "Trance Emotions Vol. 3" available. Have a look and listen to some of the songs featured on this CD!

7th July 2010: "Awakening" being distributed now
My song "Awakening" is now being distributed to numerous download stores such as iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody and many, many more!

Listen to: "E-Nature feat. Maurice Merlo - Awakening"

6th July 2010: Trance Emotions Vol. 3
The cover of volume 3 of the highly successful trance compilation "Trance Emotions" has just been unveiled!

The compilation should be released in late July 2010.

Click the link to check out the cover art.

11th May 2010: featuring Maurice Merlo: Awakening
I worked with Maurice Merlo to create this wonderful epic vocal trance track. He came up with the lyrics while I was creating the melodies! This is an absolute fantastic track perfect for this summer!

Listen to: "E-Nature feat. Maurice Merlo - Awakening"

30th March 2010: Break is over: Non-Stop
After taking a little break to concentrate on some software projects I am back with this driving track called "Non-Stop" - it almost sounds little Goa-ish with its bassline.

Listen to: "E-Nature - Non-Stop"

4th March 2010: Vocal trance track with Maurice
I made a trance remix of Maurice Merlo's "Summer In Cologne" song. The original is a mix between a ballad and trip hop. Maurice was on tour with Lunik a few years ago and is releasing an own label in fall 2010!

Listen to: "Maurice Merlo - Summer In Cologne (E-Nature Remix)"

16th January 2010: New track: Speechless
Got this new track ready! It originally was a remix with vocals but ended up as an instrumental track! The song almost belongs into the pop genre but I think it's still considered as trance. Enjoy!

Listen to: "E-Nature - Speechless"

7th January 2010: Facebook artist page
I got my Facebook artist page now. Check it out and become a fan if you like :-)

26th December 2009: First track for 2010!
It's "I Wish 2010" - a classic song from the year 2001 which I remixed to make it ready for 2010.

Listen to: "E-Nature - I Wish 2010"

14th December 2009: Monochromatic World free download!
I decided to let everyone download "Monochromatic World" for free for at least until the end of 2009! Please enjoy this fine track!

Click here for download

Listen to: "E-Nature - Monochromatic World"

18th November 2009: Epic Trance Sensation 43
Another release coming this winter. My cover song of "La Serenissima" is being released on "Epic Trance Sensation 43".

Listen to: "E-Nature - La Serenissima"

15th November 2009: 50 Techno Trance Anthems Vol. 3
My cover song "La Serenissima" is going to be featured on the highly successful compilation series "50 Techno Trance Anthems Vol. 3".
The compilation also contains songs of world famous stars such as Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Dumonde, Sean Tyas, Talla, Scot Project, DJ Sakin, ATB, DJ Wag and many more!
The release can be expected around end of December.

23rd October 2009: Club remix of a great video game soundtrack
I just finished a club trance remix of "Wicked Child". This song is the level 3 soundtrack of the classic "Castlevania" video game on the NES!
The melody is just too fantastic not to remix! I had a blast working on it and I hope you guys like the tune, too!

Listen to: "Castlevania - Wicked Child (E-Nature Club Trance Remix)"

15th September 2009: Silent Nature 2009!
Silent Nature 2009 is here!! A DJ friend asked me for this new version for a compilation and I agreed! So this is the result! A new melody and slower beats for this update of the classic!

Listen to: "E-Nature - Silent Nature 2009"

27th August 2009: Trance Emotions Vol. 2
ZYX Music just officially announced "Trance Emotions Volume 2". The trance compilation CD will be in stores from September 11, 2009 in Europe and features one track by me called "On The Run".

30th July 2009: New song: Monochromatic World
I discovered a cool video on Youtube a while ago. It's about a girl talking about LSD. What she said was inspiring me to make a song with her voice. The result is "Monochromatic World".
Unfortunately I can only sell the instrumental version of the track. But you can listen to a preview of the vocalized version below.

Listen to: "E-Nature - Monochromatic World"

21st July 2009: My music used in Bruce Lee documentation
Once again my music has been used in a documentation. This time it's been "How Bruce Lee Changed the World" of The History Channel. The documentation was aired on May 17 in the USA and will also be shown in the UK in July and August 2009!

16th July 2009: RSS Feed available
Now you can subscribe to my RSS feed to keep up to date about new tracks of me. Simply click the RSS icon in your browser or click this link here:


16th June 2009: New song: A ballad?
I tried something different with this song. It's called "A Different Side Of Me" and sounds a bit between a ballad and an electro song. Check it out in the "tracks" section.

Listen to: "E-Nature - A Different Side Of Me"

12th May 2009: Dendera 2009
Dendera by M.U.S.E. & DJ San was a huge club hit in the year 1999. Ten years later this track is still one of my all time favorite songs!

For its 10-year-birthday I covered this amazing track and polished it up with fresh sounds and beats!

I'm looking for a label for this song. Contact me if interested!

Listen to: "E-Nature - Dendera 2009"

5th May 2009: E-Nature Firefox persona in top 25
People seem to like the 5-HTP Firefox persona (skin) a lot! It landed in the top 25 of the most popular music personas on the official Firefox website.

25th April 2009: New remix of Legend Of Zelda
After 8 years I decided to make a new version of the fantastic soundtrack of Zelda: A Link To The Past. I remixed the "Light World Dungeon" song and made a dark atmospheric trance track.

Listen to: "The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past - Light World Dungeon (E-Nature Club Trance Remix)"

18th April 2009: 5-HTP available at
My album 5-HTP is now available on my website for purchase. Just click the following link to add the whole album to your basket.

4th April 2009: My new album "5-HTP" available now!
My new album finally is out! It's called "5-HTP" and contains all my tunes of the last 3 years! You can get it at iTunes, Napster and many other download stores!

Track list:
01. E-Nature - 5-HTP
02. E-Nature - Ice Flowers
03. E-Nature - With Love (New AP Mix)
04. E-Nature - Rejected
05. E-Nature - L'Amour
06. E-Nature - Triple Core
07. E-Nature - Angels
08. E-Nature - Liquify
09. E-Nature - Recreation
10. E-Nature - The Sun Comes
11. E-Nature - Glow
12. E-Nature - TAAR1

4th February 2009: Feature on
Just got word that I am featured on the main page on - Audiyou is like Youtube, just for audio files only!
Nice! Many thanks to the guys at Audiyou!!

11th January 2009: New year, new song!
Hey all.

I always tend to forget to add a news whenever I have a new tune.
Well I have several new songs. You can check them all out if you click the "tracks" link.

I just finished my latest song called "Ice Flowers". It's a very mellow and melodic trance tune to just lay back and relax. Hope you enjoy it!

31st October 2008: Looking for a singer for this track!
This is my latest track and it really could use some nice vocals. I put together a video to show you where I expect vocals.

If you do sing or know someone who does and you think you have an idea for vocals/lyrics then please don't hesitate to contact me!

To download the full version visit

28th September 2008: Mega Man 9 - Options (E-Nature Ultimate 2008 Remix)
Ultimate 2008 trance remix by E-Nature of the option screen melody of the cult game Mega Man 9! Play it loud! For an upcoming music video please check:

To download the full version visit

11th September 2008: Hard Man Theme (E-Nature 2008 Remix)
To celebrate the upcoming release of Mega Man 9 I have created a bootleg of the Hard Man Theme. A character who appeared in Mega Man 3 on the NES back in the eighties!

Check out this awesome track!!

16th June 2008: Trance Emotions Vol. 1 spotted out in the wild
Finally Trance Emotions Vol. 1 is now physically available in record stores. Now with a different cover, though!

Some low quality photos are in the pictures section! The obviously changed the cover last minute to the dolphin design.

5th June 2008: New remix: Clubside
I made this remix for the polish producer Soursense. He never finished the original version - so I finished it.

19th May 2008: Trance Emotions Vol. 2 confirmed!
Wow, Trance Emotions Vol. 1 just has been released and I already got the confirmation that another song of mine will be featured on volume 2 which will be released some when in late summer!
They haven't picked the song yet but I definitely will be on the next compilation!

8th May 2008: "Silent Nature" being released on CD!
I just got the confirmation that my song SILENT NATURE is going to be released on CD at ZYX music!!
The trance compilation "Trance Emotions Vol. 1" will be released on May 16, 2008 and sold internationally! AWESOME!!

25th March 2008: Amazing new track: "Angels"
I just finished my latest song "Angels". I truly believe that this is my best work ever since I started making music. Make sure to check it out by clicking on TRACKS in the black bar on this website!

Buy the song here with only one click:

8th January 2008: Ysa Ferrer single hit #1 spot in sales charts!
Wow this is pretty much the most awesome thing in 2008 so far :-)))
The new single of Ysa Ferrer - which features a remix by me - just grabbed the #1 spot in the sales charts on! This is absolutely fantastic!
This success means that the single actually has real chances to hit the official French charts next week really hard!

1st January 2008: Happy New Year
Happy New Year to you all! I wish you a successful 2008. Stay healthy and keep introducing trance music to your friends and family!

I just finalized my latest tune called "Hallo" - it is a remix I made for a good friend from Germany! Check it out in the tracks-section or have a listen on my myspace website!

16th December 2007: New release: Trance Emotions Vol.1
My song "Silent Nature" will be featured on "Trance Emotions Vol.1" which will be released world wide as a digital release and will be available on iTunes, Napster etc.

Promo text:
Trance Emotions Vol 1 (Best Of Melodic Dance & Dream Techno) brings together in one compilation 30 of the new fantastic Trance anthems! Massive new club chart burners in the style of Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, ATB, Above & Beyond, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, and Johan Gielen productions will satisfy a need of every Dream Dance fan! 30 brilliant extended trance mixes all add up to a running time of over 3 hours Ė you canít ask for more!

22nd November 2007: New Ysa Ferrer single to feature E-Nature remix
New brand new single "To Bi Or Not To Bi" of the French chanteuse Ysa Ferrer which will be released in France on January 7, 2008, on Universal Records. It features an E-Nature remix called "Hiroponís Whisper Extended Dub Remix by E-Nature".
The video will be produced in December!
Perhaps you occasionally will see the video on MTV/VH1 next year!

20th November 2007: New track: Atmosphere
I made a cover version of Phonetic's awesome song "Atmosphere" which was released on Tetsuo Records back in 2001.

You can have a listen to it on my MySpace website. Please make sure also to check out Phonetic/DJ Arne L2's website. You find a link to his page on my MySpace website as well.

2nd November 2007: New PC
My new PC just arrived. This means I finally can work on new tracks again. The old computer just could not handle the CPU-hungry music programs anymore.
I started a really great sounding track a few days ago but had to stop because my old PC could not handle the work. With the new one I will be able to continue the work.

1st November 2007: Silent Nature to be featured on major Dance Sampler.
I just got word that Silent Nature will be featured on a major Dance Sampler CD. The sampler will be released internationally and it's also going to be available on Napster, iTunes and other download stores.

1st September 2007: Back to music
After such a long time of a (forced) break from music-making I finally have the time again to produce. And with this just came a very great remix assignment I could not turn down.
I'm very busy with remixing at the moment. The remix will be released in December this year. I'll keep you posted with all the details later.

25th July 2007: Military service over!
Military service is over and I never have to go back there for the rest of my life!

New E-Nature trance tracks are coming soon :-)

1st June 2007: Finally - My Bachelor Professional diploma
I did it! After 3 years of study I finally graduated. I now officially have a Bachelor Professional diploma in Software-Engineering (or Information Technology). Now I just have to finish military service and I will be freed of any "duties" and can go back to my music career!

25th February 2007: An update
Well I guess it's time for an update to let you all know that I haven't given up making music at all. I'm currently in graduating an IT school which takes away all my free time. The busy time should by over by May 2007.

But before that date there should be coming out a remix I made for a singer in France. I don't know a release date yet but it's due to come out before summer. Stay tuned for it - I really like the remix I made.

I definitely wanna make some new tracks this summer. Hopefully you will be able to listen to some new tunes by August! Sorry for keeping you waiting...

30th September 2006: E-Nature music used for TV
I was quite surprised when I received a paycheck last week. I figured out that my music has been used for various TV shows in American television. Awesome!

Click the "On TV" link on the top to see on which shows my music has been used.

21st July 2006: Summer Updates: E-Nature Classics Package - Volume 1 released!
Due to many requests from listeners I deciced to release various "E-Nature Classics" packages which contain old, unreleased and unfinished songs from me. The first package contains 17 songs of which you surely will remember a few back from my days.

Volume 1 contains these tracks:

E-Nature - New Era (Top 100 NL Mix)
E-Nature - Second Attack
E-Nature - Sterben
E-Nature - The Secret Of Nature
E-Nature & Cryptic Project - Cryptic Project (Short Edit)

E-Nature -
E-Nature - Feelings
E-Nature - Metallic City
E-Nature - The Gate (Short Edit)

E-Nature - I Wish 2002
E-Nature - Intense (320kbit)
E-Nature & Sonic Landscapes - Feelings (Feat. Sarah)

E-Nature - Lost Area (Short Mix)
E-Nature - Silent Nature
E-Nature - Winter Night (V.2)

E-Nature - Mint
E-Nature - The Real Club 2004

24th June 2006: With Love now with vocals!
It's not finished yet - but soon! With Love (AP 2003 Mix) will come with vocals! It's more than a nice addition to one of the probably best E-Nature tracks ever created! Stay tuned!

5th June 2006: Remember track E-Nature remixed
Remember Project have released a new "old" track in the style of trance songs from the nineties! I made a remix with fresh 2006 sounds. The track is available in the TRACKS section of the page!

25th May 2006: New remix in the works!
OK - it's almost not true anymore but I finally managed to get some spare time for music besides work and school!

I am now working on a brand new remix for Remember Project's "Emotions" which will be released on Vinyl somewhen this summer. Please look forward to hearing it. I think it sounds very promising so far! :)

26th February 2006: "Watch Out"
After a long time I finally had the time to finish the newest Savino Beat track called "Watch Out". It took me almost a whole year to finish it (never had the time to work on it).

Luckily it turned out pretty well I think!

1st January 2006: Happy New Year
Already 2006! One more year and I will have more time for music again! Yay! Can't wait!

Anyway, I wanted to wish everybody a very happy new year with lots of love and of course health! Never stop raving! :-)

18th October 2005: "Triple Core" is ready
I am in the end of my fall school vacations and just finished my fall-hit on time. The track is called "Triple Core" and truely is a great spheric track perfectly suitable for gloomy and foggy days as we have them right now.

Please make sure to check it out! You can get a free short 128kbit/s version of the song on

3rd August 2005: Savino Beat - DJ
There we go, my second Savino Beat track called "DJ" just has been finished! I joined this Finnish dance group a while back and we are currently producing some promising titles! Hopefully we will be able to release something later this year!

10th July 2005: First track in Summer 2005!
It's REALLY been a long time since I finished my last song (in January 2005 - but it was a secret song so I can't talk about this one...)

Although it's not an "own" E-Nature track it's still FANTASTIC! Definitely one of my best tracks I have ever made! It's a remix for a friend who lives around here. The track's name tentatively is 5-HTP!

It was worth the wait!

2nd March 2005: Semester tests
Wow not much time left for music at the moment..... I am in the middle of my semester tests which last until mid-april. after that I will have two weeks school vacation and you can guess to what I will dedicate my time :) (well only if I don't go to USA on vacations at this time)

There is a new track finished but I must not talk about it now. Everything is very secret because of a possible release. As soon as I am allowed to unravel more about it you will find the news on this page!

17th February 2005: New page design!
Well it took my a while to actually start with the new design. I guess the result looks pretty nice. Let me know how you like it.
If I find the time I will create some different skins for the site which changes periodically! So you really should come back for a surprise :-)

10th January 2005: Sorry!
Apologies for the lack of news and tracks! My life is very busy because of my 100% job plus evening/night-school... It doesn't seem like this situation is going to chance in the near future. But don't worry - whenever I have some free hours I work on new tracks or on the website! Hopefully I can finish "Stars Above 2005" somewhen in March.

26th July 2004: Silent Nature 2004
My track SILENT NATURE 2004 will be featured as the TRACK OF THE DAY at on 2nd August 2004! Don't miss it to check it out!

14th March 2004: Weather (E-Nature Ultra Trance Remix)
LUNIK - WEATHER (E-Nature Ultra Trance Remix) finally finished! Get it in the tracks section!
In case you don't know, Lunik is a very successful Swiss Trip Hop band. They had several top 10 hits here in Switzerland and they are also well known in other European countries like Germany etc.

26th February 2004: X-Taser - Don't Worry Be Happy
My first hardstyle track is finished: X-TASER - DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY!
It's not really my personal music taste but I think the track came out pretty nice! Might be worth to have a listen!

4th February 2004: The Calling
The Calling is finished! A brand new track with 138 BPM! Slighlty slower than usual I used the melody of a classic C64 game which my brother composed several decades ago! I combined this special melody with a nice trancy beat!

31st December 2003: Happy New Year
Right on time before we have 2004 there is my new track called WINTER NIGHT! Check it out at!

30th November 2003: Song theft!
ALERT!! Someone stole my song WITH LOVE!
It's unbelieveable but my song has been stolen and released! Here is what I found out: The artist name is C-MELODY and the name of the song is I COME TO YOU and it's a 1:1 copy of my song WITH LOVE (SL REMIX). Even the vocals are exactly the same!! It is on a compilation in Sweden called Transmission Vol. 18. More info about that CD can be found here:
If you know ANYTHING about this, please contact me!

30th June 2003: Ysa Ferrer - Made In Japan
Finally Warner Music France released the long awaited CD and Vinyl single "Made In Japan" from Ysa Ferrer. Track #2 on the single - an exclusive E-Nature trance remix - is made by me by the way ;-)! The track was mastered in one of the biggest and most professional music studios in Paris. Yay!

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