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  • kon - 17th January 2010: []

    great work, some excellent tracks! i would love to hear some of the older ones.

    do you also do collaborations? maybe we could try something together? :)

  • Flammie - 27th July 2009:

    Hi there, you're basically one of the artists i like the most in the world, and i have several of your songs on my computer as long as it works, and i think you're doing great with all your songs and actually heard the Remix of "Joy" in the latest installation of "Emotions of Trance" and was like going "Oh My God that is so awesome"

    I went to this site just to see if there was any songs for me to nab that is downloadable for free as im a true cheapskate like many other and i found none downloadable and basically not many songs doesn't have any teasers :O

    Why don't you make some of your older works downloadable unless i've missed some that really is?

    Maybe not good for Profiting but your fanservice might extend twice as much if you do ;)

    Keep up the good work and have fun doing your wonderful melodies!

  • Jeff - 19th January 2009: []

    Hi there - love your tracks. We use your music in our series of Global Ride virtual cycling DVDs. Hopefully those who buy the DVDs enjoy them as much as we do. Keep it up!

  • Franc Fuertes - 5th January 2008:

    Glow is Great!!!

  • SideCut - 29th March 2007:

    Hi, greetings from Geneva, land of frozen trees, lol, more of them at Just to say that about 4 years ago, I heard "With Love" in an online mix, but it was incorrectly titled as "ELT" instead of "E-Nature". Problem is that this track quickly became (and still is) one of my 10 favourite ever, and I knew the title was incorrect, so I was asking everyone if they had heard this track. But it's only today that I finally got the right info, to discover furthermore that you are a compatriot ! nice ^_^Look forward to hear more tunes from you !PS : did you play Final Fantasy 5 ? because the theme of 5-HTP seems quite inspired from one of the songs in this game...

  • cbasstn - 28th October 2006: []

    na ;)
    was is 15-zeilig und längst überfällig? genau, mein eintrag hier. *g*
    hab mich grad mal wieder bissel durch deine gehrt:die neuen sachen klingen richtig fett, vor allem Trible Core! :)in diesem sinne wünsch ich viel erfolg weiterhin und vllt is ja auch mal wieder ein remix drin irgendwann. :)

    beste grüsse, sebastian
    ps: die seite hier rockt natürlich auch.

  • Toni - 17th October 2006:

    beautiful work! yes, i was listening on, too. :-) I love flying with you! weeeee!

  • ImY - 30th May 2006: []

    hey was on lisenting to 'E-Nature - With Love' brilliant track!

  • nico - 17th April 2006: []

    I found you on GarageBand and liked the vibes I was hearing so thought I'd check out your site. Wicked! I love that image at the top - are those real?? Cheers, peace out, Nico

    From E-Nature:
    Hey, thanks for your guestbook entry! Yeah, those trees are actually real. Photos taken in Geneva in Winter 2004!

  • W Dentar - 15th February 2006:

    Exelente! trabajo.

  • Ben Althauser - 19th December 2005: []

    Great tunes. :) I am sittin here at work and it's streamin on my itunes. Had to look u guys up. Nice work on 5-htp!

  • dyvalou - 2nd December 2005: [-]

    So interesting site, thanks!

  • djsubnautic - 18th May 2005: []

    Gute Arbeit. So gut gemachte Tracks lasse ich gern mal bei ner Party laufen.

  • CA-Traxx - 24th January 2005: []

    cooler sound. hab dich über gefunden! anhand deiner Cubase Bilder sieht man das du sehr pattern-basiert arbeitest. vielleicht wäre die neue funktion ("Play Order")in cubase sx 3 genau das richtige für dich ;-)

  • DAX - 20th January 2005: []

    Nice Work Bro

    Keep it Up ;)

  • Vanryan - 12th January 2005: []

    Thanks for the two beautiful remixes of "Made in Japan". Very good works.

  • JC - 10th February 2004: [-]

    salut E-Nature
    je voulais te dire bravo pour ce que tu fais j'adorre.

  • rotsch - 6th December 2003: [-]

    hi dominik

    happytreefriends sind einfach zu abgefahren. jetzt bin ich ein bisschen an einen sounds am auschecken. ich hoffe, das zivile leben ist nicht zu anstrengend, nachdem wir zwei geistig ziemlich schwachsinnige wochen hinter uns haben.
    the brave soldier

  • Ace Da Brain - 22nd November 2003: []

    Greetz from Ace's Delight !

    Cheers and keep on producing those great vibes!

  • antonio ruiz-gimenez - 16th November 2003: [-]

    you are the best e-nature...and you know it!!!jeje

  • Red Alert - 17th October 2003: [-]

    Hi, I'm with you at ICUII, and I think you are a cute guy.

  • Advance One - 15th October 2003: []

    Cool site and awesome tunes as always, keep up the good work :)

    Paul } Advance One

  • teekay - 2nd October 2003:

    Verry nice Songs ! Big Respect ! Greetings from Cologne - TEEKAY

  • Noelle - 23rd September 2003: [-]

    Nick, good e-nature!

  • Simi - 23rd August 2003: [-]

    Dear Bro'

    Well done for your fantastic remix of "Made in Japan"

  • Simi Lewis - 28th June 2003: [-]

    Hi Domi

    The new remix of "Made in Japan" is fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  • Sebastian (c. bass t.n.) - 6th January 2003: []

    Hey du! :)

    Also ich wünsch dir ne Menge Fun in SF, dass du gut rüba- und nübakommst =) und, da? du Zeit und Gelegenheit findest uns auf dem Laufenden zu halten! :)
    Ahja, und natürlich jede Menge Erfolg mit deiner Mucke, das haste verdient! :) (ps.: das bissel pause wird schon net schaden, keine angst *g*)

    Best Greetz,

  • David Müller DJ Performance - 2nd January 2003: []

    Tach dominik, alles gute für die zukunft, m?ge die macht nintendos mit dir sein :)

  • Solar Stream - 2nd January 2003: []


    Sollte eigentlich heissen "Trance with a Swiss and Austrian Touch" *gg*

    Wünsch dir weiterhin viel Erfolg mit deiner Musik und nachträglich ein schönes neues Jahr und ne super Zeit in San Francisco!

    Nächstes Jahr kommste dann 6 Monate nach Ö *g* Muss man auch gesehn haben ;)


  • Mike303 - 2nd January 2003: []


    genau noch alles gute im neuem jahr und alles gute auch für deine Reise nächste Woche.

  • Manu - 2nd January 2003: [-]

    hey niki!
    i wünsch dir alles gueti im neue johr *g*
    good luck and take care in san francisco und witerhin viel glück mit dinere musik...
    kisses :x

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